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TOE BEAD – Sealant utilized in the intersection of the outboard glazing end and The underside in the glazing channel; needs to be sized to also provide a seal to the edge on the glass.

NEOPRENE – A synthetic rubber acquiring Bodily Qualities intently resembling People of pure rubber. It really is produced by polymerizing chloroprenes, and also the latter is generated from acetylene and hydrogen chloride.

ALLIGATORING - A problem of paint or aged asphalt introduced about because of the loss of unstable oils plus the oxidation attributable to photo voltaic radiation. "Alligatoring" provides a sample of cracks resembling an alligator hide and it is in the long run the results of the restricted tolerance of paint or asphalt to thermal growth or contraction.

4-SIDED STRUCTURAL SILICONE GLAZING – Curtain wall, window wall, punched window, or skylight glazing system/design and style where by glass infill is glued with structural silicone setting up sealant to steel frame on all 4 sides of glass lites. This architecturally gorgeous glazing style removed all metal framing, considered from the outside aspect. Absolutely ADHERED - A totally hooked up (adhered) roof membrane. Entirely TEMPERED GLASS – Flat or bent glass which has been heat-addressed into a higher surface area and/or edge compression to meet the necessities of ASTM C 1048, type FT.

STORM WINDOW – A glazed panel or sash put on the inside or beyond an existing sash or window as extra protection versus The weather. STRAIN – The share of elongation or compression of a fabric or portion of a fabric attributable to an applied pressure.

DAMPER - Valve for controlling airflow. When ordering registers, make sure Each and every offer outlet contains a damper Therefore the air movement may be adjusted and turned off. Dampers perhaps eyebrow fails both manually or immediately operated. Automatic dampers are necessary for exhaust air ducts.

PLENUM CHAMBER - Chamber or container for relocating air less than a slight optimistic force to which a number of ducts are linked.

HERMETIC SEAL – Vacuum seal (among panes of a double-paned window i.e. insulated glass unit or IGU). Failure of a hermetic seal causes long lasting fogging amongst the panels with the IGU.

PONDING - A situation where by water stands over a roof for extended periods as a consequence of weak drainage and/or deflection in the deck. Come out - See stucco popout

GLAZE COAT – In roofing, a light-weight, uniform mopping of bitumen on exposed felts to protect them from the weather conditions, pending completion of The task.

SHORE "A" HARDNESS – Measure of firmness of a compound by means of a Durometer Hardness Gauge. (A hardness variety of twenty-25 is in regards to the firmness of the art gum eraser. A hardness of about 90 is in regards to the firmness of the rubber heel.)

CURING AGENT – 1 Portion of a multi-portion sealant which, when additional to the base, will trigger the base to change its Actual physical condition by chemical reaction in between The 2 pieces.

DOUBLE TEE - Refers usually into a precast roof deck panel poured with two fins in its more info underside to impart flexural rigidity. DOW CORNING – Leading producer of silicone making sealants and exterior, decorative, water-proof wall coatings.

PARAPET WALL - A small wall across the perimeter of a roof deck. PARGE COAT - A skinny application of plaster for coating a wall.

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